The Pennant

Getting to Know: Lucas Cocquyt

What’s the best part of hockey: The experience of being on the team.

What is the worst part of hockey: When myself or my team doesn’t work to their full potential.

If you can’t play hockey anymore, what would you play: Football, because of big hits.

If you could go pro would you play: Yes, because of getting paid.

What is your favorite position to play and watch: Favorite spot to play is goalie and to watch are the forwards.

What position would you play besides the one you are playing now: I would play left defensemen.

What do you think it means to win a game: Winning is the main thing of a sport, but if you are not having fun then what is the point of winning.

What do you think the best thing to do is as a teammate: Build up others/stay positive.

What are your pre-game rituals: Putting the left pad on one game first then the other one on the next game.

What  would you tell your younger self for advice: Stop being lazy.