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Getting to Know: Cameron Dombrowski

Cameron Dombrowski is a Sophomore at Penn High School.
What do you love about football?: The intensity and the physicality.
What’s the best advice you’ve received about playing football, and who was it from?: “Play with a killer mindset,” my Dad.
What’s your fire-up song?:Dark Horse” by Katy Perry.
What is your best moment in football so far?: When I caught a deep ball over a tall defender to get my team in the lead against Mishawaka.
Who is your favorite Pro or College Football Player, and why?: Chase Claypool. He played for Notre Dame, and is now playing for the Steelers. I like him because he was very underrated and now he is setting rookie franchise records.
What is your favorite Pro or College football rivalry game to watch?: Notre Dame vs. USC.
If you could have dinner with any three people currently living, who would they be, and why?: Deion Sanders, Julio Jones, Joe Montana, because I would be learning from the best of the best in their positions – two Hall of Famers and a future Hall of Famer.
Which teammate has had the most influence on your game?: Probably D.J. White. another wide receiver who is just more competition to get me better.
What hashtag best fits you?: #Grateful.
What are your pre-game rituals?: Listen to music and mentally prepare myself for good or bad. 

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