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Getting To Know: Drew Laware

Drew Laware is a senior defenseman for the Penn Kingsmen Hockey Team

How does it feel to be named captain of the hockey team?: “I feel honored to be chosen as the captain of this great team. I’m really looking forward to making memories with these guys and making sure I appreciate every minute of this senior season.” 

What are your goals for this upcoming season?: “As it is with every season, winning a city championship and winning a state championship, but making sure especially that everyone is working together and enjoying themselves. I want the chemistry between all of us to be strong right until the end.” 

If you could give one piece of advice to younger players what would it be?: “There’s no reason why anyone else should be working harder than you.” 

What is your biggest motivation for staying focused and giving 100 percent: “Knowing that no one on the other team will outwork me. Always making sure that whatever I do is always for the team.”

What’s your favorite part of the hockey team?: “I would say the memories made every year. Winning championships are of course great to be a part of but none of that happens if we’re not working together as a unit. Team bonding is by far my favorite part.” 

Who are you most excited to play this season and why?: “Culver and St Joe. The rivalry is renewed every year and we have a great squad that I think can beat anyone in the state. We remember the games that we want back so coming into this year, playing both of these teams will be a good showdown; the boys will be motivated for sure. “

What is the most memorable part of your high school hockey experience so far?: “Being a part of the 2021 city championship squad. I was able to play with my brother that year who was a senior and that being my first year of high school hockey, I got to learn a whole lot from that. The memories made with that team along with just being able to play with my brother for the first time meant everything to me.”

What is your mindset going into big games against big opponents?: “Always making sure to work harder than the opponent. You always need to be hungry and when you work hard, you’ll find success. Staying confident and focused the entire time is always my mindset.”

Senior Defenseman Quinn Cocquyt says: “Drew is such a great leader because he is all in for the team. He’s always bringing the energy and getting the best out of everyone by pushing them to their limits. He is a very likable guy on the team, knowing when to have fun and be serious but he truly shows what it means to be a Penn athlete.”

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