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Getting to Know: Jack Lehmann

Jack Lehmann is a Senior on the Penn Baseball Team.
What life skills did you learn at the high school level that will help you be successful in college?: One life skill I have learned at the high school level is to control what I can control. Many things haven’t gone my way throughout high school, but I can’t control all of them, so I just don’t make a big deal out of them. 
Who has inspired you the most during your career?: One person that I look up to and that has inspired me is John Wall. He hurt his knee and was out about a year, and now he is back in the league playing his best game. Really inspirational. 
What has been your biggest achievement throughout high school?:  My biggest achievement throughout high school was to get accepted into I.U. It has been my goal since I started high school to graduate and go to a good college afterwards. 
 If you had to consider playing another sport besides baseball and football, what would it be, and do you think you would be good at it?: One sport I would consider playing is basketball. I think I would be great at it. I am at least the best basketball player out of all of my friends when we play. 
How old were you when you started playing baseball?: I have been playing baseball for however long I can remember. I would guess around 5 or 6.
Name one go-to song that gets you locked in to compete?: “Freestyle” by Lil Baby.
What’s one goal you have for this upcoming season?: One goal I have for the upcoming season is to just have fun, because it is my last year playing baseball, so I want to enjoy it. 
How do you feel about being able to play Mishawaka this year?: I am excited to play Mishawaka this year, especially because this year we are playing them at Four Winds Field. Playing against Mishawaka is always a fun game and this year will be even more exciting. 

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