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Title IX

Title IX: Kaitlyn Hickey

Title IX 50 Years

The Pennant is celebrating 50 years of Title IX and Kingsmen Girls Sports by showcasing some of the top female athletes in Penn Athletics History. The athletes featured were selected by coaches and Athletic administrators.


Kaitlyn Hickey carved out a State Championship legacy in Volleyball at Penn, as well as participating in Basketball (Grades 9-11) and Softball (Grade 9).

Hickey helped the Kingsmen earn State Championships in 2010 and 2011. Hickey’s college accomplishments at IUPUI include Freshman of the Year in 2012, NCAA tournament appearance in 2013, Summit League Player of the Year in 2015, and AVCA All-America in 2014 and 2015.

“Everything I did growing up dealt with sports,” Hickey said. “Learning how to be competitive and work with different people each season. It builds confidence, leadership skills, and other life skills you don’t even realize.”

Hickey believes that Title IX is good for women in sports and the workplace, although, she thinks it still has a way to go.

“September 14 was history for Women’s College Volleyball to play a regular-season match on ESPN, meanwhile every college basketball D1 matchup is broadcast on main TV channels,” Hickey said. She would like to see more women’s sports on main TV channels to bring more awareness and following to the sport, especially since there is nothing else on those channels during this time.

Hickey’s closest friends have come through teammates and other coaches she’s met along the way, all because of sports. She still loves learning new sports, and the strategy behind how to win or beat an opponent. Hickey said that every game and every sport is different.

Hickey is now the CFO at Trim A Door in Mishawaka, IN. She travels to play, coach, and watch her sisters playing volleyball every chance she gets.

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