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Getting to Know: R.C. Glover

Here’s a Q&A with Penn High School Football player R.C. Glover.
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned through Athletics?: The most important lesson that I have learned through athletics is how to work with others. When you play sports, you have to work and get along with others so everyone can get what they want.
How do mentally prepare yourself for each game?: Before every game I listen to music, it gets my mind in the right spot and it puts me in game mode.
Who is a player (at any level) you look up to, and why?: For me, it is probably Lebron James. Lebron started from nothing and literally went from rags to riches. He is also more than just a basketball player, he donates to charities, he is continuously an activist, and he made a whole school for kids who grew up like he did.
What do you love about representing Penn High School?: I love the feeling that I’m representing something every time I step on the field. 
What traits do you love in a team leader?: A trait in a team leader that I like is how they can get the whole team together and pumped up.
What advice would you give a freshman about Penn Athletics?: I would tell them to grind and to stay patient.
What is your favorite sports movie, and why?: My favorite sports movies are either “Remember the Titans” or “42”. I like them because they show what really happened and the stuff that people didn’t know and give a backstory on those events.
What is your favorite restaurant, and why?: (I like) Raising Canes or Chick Fil A because they have really good sauce and chicken.
What do you love most about football, and why?: I love the adrenaline and the feeling of it. When you’re out on the field, everything goes so fast and you have to process everything in the snap of a finger and I like that, there’s so much that goes into one play and a lot of that is looked over by people.
What is your second favorite sport? My second favorite sport is basketball because I used to play it.

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