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Getting to Know: Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage is a Senior on the Penn Hockey Team. The Kingsmen won the City Championship, and will be competing in State and National Tournaments.

Instagram: @ Msavage525
Hashtag: #ploffszn
What is one way Hockey has changed your life?: Hockey has changed my life by giving me the responsibility of being on a team and teaching me how to be a leader in life.
Who is a player you look up to?: A player that I look up to is Patrick Kane, who plays for the Blackhawks.
What advice would you give to Freshmen hockey players?: I would tell the freshman players to enjoy these years that you have to play with everyone on the team.
What is one of your best memories from playing hockey?: My best memories of playing hockey is when I scored a goal against Culver to tie the game.
What is your Favorite Sports TV show?: I like watching whatever is on ESPN I don’t care what sport is on.
What traits make a good team player?: Someone who is not selfish, someone who is vocal and someone who will get the team going when they need it.
What are your plans after high school?: I plan to attend I.U. and study business.

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