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Getting to Know: Madison Hazeltine

Madison is a Sophomore at Penn High school and a member of the Girls Wrestling Team.
What is your favorite part of being a part of the girls wrestling team?: I love the family we create, all of my teammates are loving and supportive. It is a wonderful environment to be around. 
What got you interested in wrestling?: It started with my little sister being interested in Penn’s kids club program. Coach Selis pushed me to try it as well. I was also in Coach Harper’s Freshman gym class and he pushed me to continue as well. 
Do you have a female wrestler who inspires you? If so who?: Lauren Louive is a fantastic female wrestler who is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. She inspires me to work hard and persevere even when I don’t want to.  
Which tournament was your favorite this season and why?: Well, due to COVID, we did not have many opportunities, but my favorite this year was regionals. The team did great, on and off the mat. Yes, it was stressful but our teammates were there for us. I personally had a great time, and I know others did as well.
What other activities do you do outside of wrestling?: I participate in Penn Choir, but other than that I focus on wrestling, lifting and homework. 
What are you doing to stay active in the off-season?: There is never an off-season!! We always find ways to wrestle and stay ready for tournaments, we also have team lifting after and before school. 
What are your goals for next season? (personal goals or team goals): My goal for the team is to continue to recruit and get as many girls as possible and hopefully take home the state championship. My personal goal is to do the best I can and wrestle more offensively. I would also like to place higher than I did this year. 
What is your go-to move on the mat?: My go-to move is probably a front head snap to either a bulldog or pipeline. 
What do you think are good traits in a teammate?: Focused, persistent, goal-oriented, and also caring. You want a partner/ teammate who is persistent to push you to work best and stay focused in practice. They do this to not only help you reach your goals but to reach theirs as well. Caring is also a good trait because they won’t be putting in effort if they don’t care. There are many good traits in a teammate, but these are just a few. 
What is your favorite place to eat?: It usually depends on my mood, but one of my favorite places to eat is Zaxby’s.

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