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Getting to Know: Chris Pelletier

Chris Pelletier laces up the sakes for the Penn Hockey Team.

What number are you and why?: I am No. 76 because that was my dad’s football and hockey number through high school.

What’s your favorite NHL team, and favorite player?: My favorite NHL team is the Blackhawks, and my favorite player is Patrick Kane.

What’s your favorite arena you have played at?: Compton Family Ice Arena (Notre Dame).

Do you have any superstitions before games or practices?: I drink an energy drink almost before every game.

What is your favorite part about Penn Hockey”: My teammates.

What position do you play?: Center.

What brand of gear do you prefer?: Bauer, or CCM.

How long have you been playing hockey?: Since I was 5, so about 10 years.

Have you ever tried playing tendy?: During house league, and I didn’t enjoy pucks getting shot at me.

What other sports do you play besides hockey?: Baseball.

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