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Getting To Know: Alec Hardrict

Alec Hardrict is a Junior at Penn who is a standout in both Football and Rugby.

How does Football help with Rugby?: Football help me with Rugby because it improves ball-carrier skills throughout the year from playing running back.

Does Rugby help you with Football?: Rugby helps with me with football because it improves my tackling so that if I’d need to I could play defense as well as offense.

What over skills does rugby help?: Rugby helps my hand-eye coordination and foot skills a lot more than football because there are so many change of directions and constantly having to catch the ball instead of just taking a hand off. 

What sport do you think requires most skills?: I think rugby would require the most skill to play, but football I think requires the most athleticism.

How do you manage your time between each sport?: I have an off-season between each sport of about a month that I use to get prepared for the next sport to help the transition from passing the ball forward in football to backwards in rugby.

Which sport do you prefer?: Rugby but I like them both. 

Do you plan on playing both sports in college or even at a higher level?: It depends on where my scholarships take me. 

How important are these sports in your life?: They’re pretty important. They keep me occupied so I can do something productive.

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