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Getting to Know: Joe Radde

Joseph Radde is a two-time State Champion for the Penn High School Swim Team. He signed a National Letter of Intent to continue his academic and athletic careers at Indiana University.

Sports: Swimming
Twitter: @RaddeJoseph
Instagram: joseph_radde
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from athletics?: The most important thing that I have learned through athletics is that anyone can do something that will make the whole group better off.
What are your pre-game rituals?: I like to take ice-baths and roll out before a big competition.
Who is an athlete that you look up to?: I look up to Jason Lezak, a former Olympic swimmer, because although he never set an individual world record, he consistently set the foundation for crucial relay swims at the world level.
What do you love about representing Penn?: I love being able to represent Penn High School, because every time I race, I know how many people have come before me and performed.
What traits do you respect in a team leader?: I like a team leader who is really able to control the energy of a practice. Organizational skills are very important, but the amount of competition during practice is what makes a team better.
What advice would you give to a Freshman athlete?: The best advice I could give to a freshman is to try to be the best for the team instead of just trying to be the best.
What is your favorite sports movie?: My favorite sports movie is the first “Rocky” movie. I love the grit and perseverance that made Rocky a champion.
What is your favorite pig-out food?: My favorite pig-out food is probably ice cream because I really like chocolate.
What skill would you like to improve?: I love how objective improvement is and how there are so many ways to improve in and out of the water.
If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be?: If I could have lunch with any living person it would be the Rock. I really enjoy his demeanor and his work ethic, and I have enjoyed his movies.

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