The Pennant

Getting to Know: Cooper Crisp


Junior Cooper Crisp is a 6-foot-3, 205-pound pitcher and third baseman for the Penn Baseball Team.

Do you have a role model?: One of my role models is Pete Rose, because he might not have been the best player but he hustled more than anybody.

How do you describe your team spirit?: I have pretty good team spirit. It’s easy when you enjoy playing with the guys you’re playing with. 

What is your favorite moment from playing baseball and why?: My favorite moment playing baseball is getting to play all around the country.

What is your favorite college?: My favorite college is TCU.

What colleges do you have your eye on?: I’ve got my eye on whatever college will take me.

What coach has taught you the most?: Coach Dikos has no doubt taught me the most about the game, making me a better baseball player mentally and situationally.