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Getting to Know: Charlie Furry

Charlie Furry complete on the Penn Boys Soccer Team.
In what ways did COVID-19 affect your senior season?: COVID didn’t have that much of an effect on my senior season because our team was lucky and had zero cases the whole season. However, we did have to follow certain guidelines that prevented us from be able to play contact for the first month of practice, causing us to have to adapt and overcome the Covid-19 climate.
Going into college next year, what are some of the life skills that playing a team sport has taught you that can help in your future?: A life skill that I learned from soccer was perseverance. After a tough loss, soccer showed me how to reflect on your mistakes and become a better player through them
What is your favorite memory from your four years of playing high school soccer?: My favorite memory from soccer was definitely the bus rides with my teammates. Over my four years of playing soccer in high school, I’ve met some of my closest friends and we would always joke around on the bus before games. 
Who has inspired you the most in your career?: For me, I was my best motivator. My inspiration to get better was competing with myself from the previous year.
What is your favorite meal to eat pre game?: My favorite meal has to be ribs.
What has been your biggest achievement throughout high school (Academic and/or Athletic)?: The biggest achievement for me was all-conference as a junior. This award meant a lot more than my all-district and all-conference as a senior because I was hurt for a large portion of my junior season. I had to overcome my injury and was still able to get all-conference. Also, I was a junior so that means I received the award over my senior captain. My biggest academic achievement was being accepted into the Kelley School of Business and the Krannert school of management.
What are some activities that made practice fun for you?: The best games were the small-sided games because it was always hectic and people could score with a shot from pretty much anywhere.
If you had to consider another sport to play, what would it be?: If I were to play another sport it would be football. In fourth grade, I played Rocket football, but because soccer and football were the same season I couldn’t do both.
 How old were you when you played your first soccer game?: I started playing soccer when I was 6. 
 Name one go to song that gets you locked in to compete?: One song that always got me hype was “Myron”, by Lil Uzi Vert.

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