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Recruiting Central: Sarah Gentry

Athlete name: Sarah Gentry

Sport: Softball

Graduation year:  2024

Position: Pitcher

Height: 5-6

Weight: 120

Statistics:  IP- 39.2  SO- 29  ERA –2.294

Honors/Accomplishments: lettered as a sophomore

Service Projects: Baked cookies for Ronald McDonald House 3 years, delivered dinner to the Ronald McDonald House for 1 year, and Stocked Christmas Stockings for Ronald McDonald 3 years in a row. 

Head Coach / Email: Beth Zachary

Coach’s Quote: ¨Sarah is an incredibly talented pitcher who is crafty and has excellent control over location for her pitchers. She is successful against some of the best hitters in the state because she has a calm and focused demeanor at all times. I am never afraid or worried to put Sarah in during intense and pressure situations. Sarah does not get upset, anxious, or rattled and that makes her a great leader in the circle as she sets the tone for the rest of the team.¨

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