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Senior Spotlight: Kaylie Hanyzewski

Kaylie Hanyzewski is a senior student-athlete at Penn High School. She is an amazing athlete, leader, and plans to attend Indiana University Indianapolis to major in exercise science, and double minor in biology, and psychology.

During her time as a Kingsmen, Hanyzewski ran cross-country, and track. Kaylie is also a very accomplished student as well. She is a member of the Student-Athlete Leadership Council, the Indiana High School Athletic Association Student Advisory Committee, and the National Honor Society. ALC, and NHS. She has received an exemplary IHSAA Behavioral Report, IHSAA Sportsmanship Pin, helped Penn earn a Champions Together Banner, and was named a Bepko Scholar.

The stellar runner appreciated Penn Athletics.

“I loved the people that I got to know and the built-in family that I have,” Hanyzewski said. “I also loved having the opportunity to push myself and go to State for cross country and track.”

Hanyzewski is an overachiever and pushes herself, and her teammates while running. She is a great leader in everything she does, and a great role model for younger runners. We can see a glimpse of how great of a teammate she is through her favorite athletic memory at Penn. Hanyzewski said her favorite Penn Athletics memory was “running all over the muddy New Prairie course in the pouring rain to cheer for my best friends,” which truly shows the type of player, and person Hanyzewski is. She’s an aggressive, competitive runner who is a great teammate who truly LOVES her teammates and always wants the best for them.

Nicole Marshall had a huge impact on the amazing teammate that Hanyzewski has become, and the great person she has become as well.

“A teammate who was a positive influence on me was Nicole Marshall,” Hanyzewski said. “She was a senior when I was a freshman. I was terrified when I joined the cross-country team but she made me feel like I belonged and took me under her wing. Meeting her made me want to be that person for everyone else. In everything I do, not just running, I try to be like Nicole.”

Hanyzewski has truly accomplished this during her years as a Kingsmen. She makes people feel heard, encourages them, and is always ready to help others with anything they need. She has a great heart and it really shines through while she’s running, and at all other times as well. She is a true beam of light that affects everyone in the most positive ways.

Hanyzewski said she wants to be “remembered as someone who could always have fun and make people laugh. Running is a challenging sport that tests not just the physical side, but mental and emotional as well. I have strived to be someone that people could look up to and someone who would always be there for them and lift them up.” She will definitely be remembered for all the things she wants to be and more because she is such an amazing runner, and person. You can always catch her cheering on her teammates, and dominating every time she runs.

The best advice Hanyzewski feels she could give to anyone getting ready for the high school experience would be to, “Get involved!!! I can not stress enough that having things to do and people in your circle will make or break your high school experience. Don’t be afraid to try new things, that’s what high school is for. Always be safe and be smart, but have so much fun, four years go by fast.”

Hanyzewski is planning on becoming either a sports medicine physician or a physical therapist after college, and she is going to do great. She is going to hold on to her Penn Athletics memories forever, and she’s always going to carry the lessons that came with being a Kingsmen Athlete. Penn Athletics has taught her how to be a great person, great teammate, and also taught her how to be an amazing runner, while balancing being amazing in the classroom as well. Throughout her four years at Penn, she has accomplished so much in the classroom, and while running, and will continue to make amazing accomplishments in college as well.


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