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Senior Spotlight: Phoenix Harris

Phoenix Harris has been a leader for the Penn cheerleading squad. Harris has been cheering since seventh grade, and he plans on continuing the sport while pursuing his degree at Ball State.

Harris has been a valued student at Penn since his Freshman year. Not only is Harris involved in cheerleading, he participates in other sports and extracurricular activities, including being on the track team Freshman year throughout Junior year, being one of the presidents for the Black Student Union, and serving on the leadership council, Kingsmen Court.

Harris says he hopes to be remembered as a “hard worker, confident, determined, and a kind-hearted student” here in the Penn community. 

Some of Harris’ accomplishments/awards include being one of the Presidents for BSU, being on the Homecoming Court, and being a member of the Prom committee. Harris said if his teammates were given the chance to describe him he thinks they would describe him as “being a team player and a hard worker.”

Harris plans on pursuing a major in Fashion Merchandising at Ball State University. Harris says his plan for his future includes “going into the Fashion Industry and helping people help those in need.” 

After graduating, Harris plans on using his extra time to pursue some of his favorite activities. These activities are sketching, reading, journaling, and hanging out with his friends.

Harris values his Penn Athletics experience.

“I appreciate that they gave me the opportunity to show people my talent and love for the sport that I admire,” Harris said. 

Harris says one of his favorite memories from Penn athletics is his senior night for his last season of High School cheer during basketball season.

When asked what sports-themed movie would he want to be in and why, Harris said, “A themed sports movie that I would be in is “Bring It On”. The movie addresses systemic inequality, cultural appropriation, and intersectional feminism.”

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