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Getting to Know: Maddie Stopczynski

Maddie Stopczynski is a cheerleader at Penn.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through athletics?: The most important thing that I have learned through athletics is perseverance and the importance of trust. Stunting in cheerleading can be very dangerous and each week we try to do different stunts for Friday night games so I have learned that understanding the fluidity of new stunts takes perseverance, patience, and trust in those around you.

What advice would you give a freshmen about athletics?: I would tell any freshman to try out for every sport that you are interested in. It is so good to try new things and make new friendships, especially when you’re first entering high school.

What do you love most about cheer?: What I love most about cheer is all of the friends I’ve made throughout each season. I have gained so many bonds that have stayed consistent throughout all of my high school years. I also really love seeing the work we do throughout the week come to life once we’re in uniform and cheering in front of the student section.

How long have you been cheering?: I have been cheering since 7th grade. I cheered for the Discovery Archers, I cheered for both football and basketball cheer every year except for this year.

What got you into cheer?: I think what really got me into cheer was my older friends who were on the team. They encouraged me to try out and I loved it so I continued to try out every year.

Do you like cheering for basketball or football more?: I think it honestly depends on the year. Last year, I liked cheering for basketball more because we had a really skilled team to cheer for and we made it to semi-state. It’s also a lot easier to see basketball games then it is to see football games so I think we all appreciate the high energy we receive from being so close. This football season was really special to me too though because it was my senior season and our team was really close and hung out outside of cheer more than we had in years past. And the energy from the players and the student section is always really great in football season too. I love cheering for both sports so much.

If you didn’t cheer, what sport would you play?: If I didn’t cheer, I think I would try Lacrosse.

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