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Getting to Know: Lily Christianson

Get to Know Senior Swimmer Lily Christianson, a three-time State Champion:

How has Penn Swim prepared you for your future swimming in college?: Indiana High School Swimming is very competitive and Penn High School does a great job preparing its girls for state. With hard training and high expectations, I constantly push myself. It has made me very prepared and excited to swim in college because I know I am ready.

What are you most looking forward to for this upcoming swim season?: Just having fun and enjoying my lasts. This team has given me so much and I can’t wait to have my last hoorah. Championship season and High School State are always my main focus though. Especially this year because we have a lot of talented swimmers and a lot of potential to score really high at state.

What are some traits you believe a good senior leader has?: Dedication and devotion to their sport and academics. This gives a great example of what the younger classes should do and I think in high school sports leading by example is how a team benefits the most. I also think communication and camaraderie are important for a healthy team atmosphere.

What about N.C. State sold you on that school: It felt like a family. I did not think I was going to go to N.C. State, but when I saw how the team cared so much for each other and got along so well. I knew I wanted to be a part of that culture. Also, my relationship with the coaching staff was amazing. I’ve always been someone that relies on my coaches and I knew I could do that with them.

Do you have any pre-meet rituals? If so, what are they?: Not really. I do like to listen to music and stretch by myself. Helps me get in the mindset I guess.

What is your favorite meet-day snack?: I don’t really have one… I like having strawberries on meet days sometimes or fruit snacks.

What is the bond like on the swim team?: Amazing! Both girls and guys teams are really close and it’s so much fun. I love this team and the people are just so much fun and supportive. It’s like one big family.

What does it mean to you to represent Penn athletics?: I’m very proud and happy to have this opportunity to represent Penn athletics. They have provided me with some of the best memories I have. Constantly supporting me and giving me a very healthy environment to excel. So I could not be happier to represent them.

Who is someone that you look up to and why?: Honestly, I don’t have a specific person I look up to. I would say each year the senior class is who I looked up to or bonded with. Now being the senior I just want to lead with the examples I had in the previous classes. I also look up to my coaches. Coach Jess (Preston) is our head coach and this will be my fourth and last year having him. It’s really sad but at the same time, he has prepared me and encouraged me for what’s ahead.

What are your goals for your senior year, in the classroom and in the pool?: State Champion in my events and second overall as a team at high school state!! In the classroom, I want to maintain my 4.0 and prepare myself for college.

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