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Getting to Know: Liv Kalil

Official Q&A of Olivia Kalil! Liv Kalil is a top player on the Penn girls soccer team. 

How long have you been playing soccer?: About 12 years.


What is your favorite movie and why?: My favorite movie would have to be Elf, because of it reminds me of Christmas time and because I love the actor  Will Ferrell.

Are you more of an action or romantic movie person (what genre)?: I really like comedy movies and/or romantic.

Favorite Sports hero?: Michael Jordan.

Best part about competing with other schools?: When the game gets super intense so everyone is engaged and putting their all out on the field. Also, playing against my old/current teammates that I play with during travel in the spring.

How can you insure that your teammates are on the same page?: I can insure my teammates are on the same page when we connect the ball for multiple passes and we communicate with each other. 

What is your go-to fast food restaurant?: Chick-fil-a.

Something that makes you very angry?: People not listening to me.

Biggest Fear?: Drowning.

If you could play soccer at any college, where you would you play?: A dream college to play at is definitely University of North Carolina.

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