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Getting To Know: Reilly Schramski

What number do you wear and why?: I wear number 6 because it is in upside down 9, and I had worn number 9 my whole life in baseball and hockey. I wore number nine because of my sisters friend who is like an older brother to me, and he wore number nine when he played baseball. 
Does being a freshman and playing with some older guys affect the way you play?: At first I was a little timid about playing with people other than my age, but now I’m warming up to the idea of it and am getting back to my normal way of playing the game. 
What position is your favorite to play?: I would have to say either wing position would be my favorite. It is where I am most comfortable and most successful on the ice. 
How long have you been playing hockey?: I have been skating since I was four, but probably didn’t actually start playing the game until I was five years old. 
What is your favorite piece of equipment you have ever had?: My old pair of camouflage gloves for sure. They were a Christmas present from my parents and I thought that they were just the coolest thing ever. 
What brand of gear do you prefer over others?: I prefer CCM over other brands because it is what I’ve worn most of my career, and I am one of those people that doesn’t like change. I did switch to a Bauer helmet this season, and I would have to say it was pretty comfortable. 
Do you have any superstitions before games?: Yes, I have to re-tape my stick before every game or every first game of a tournament because I feel like it gives me the upper-hand, and some style points too. 
What are you most looking forward to this season?: Just being out there with the boys. Hockey season is always so fun and I love how all the players on the team get along this year. I feel like we will win a lot of games just because of our relationships with each other. 
What is your favorite rink you have ever played at in prior years or for Penn?: It would have to be the Cincinnati Cyclones rink that we played at last season for IYHL. It was a huge stadium and the ice was perfect. 
Lastly, if you had to pick one NHL player to be your favorite, who would it be and why?: My favorite NHL player would be Sidney Crosby because I have liked the Penguins since I was super young, and he is someone I’ve looked up to ever since I started playing hockey.

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