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Getting to Know: Alex Johnson

What got you interested in wrestling?: Coach Harper came up to me junior year when I was lifting and asked if I wanted to join. I needed something to do so I decided to try it out. 

How many years have you been wrestling?: This year is my second year wrestling.

What’s your favorite part of being on the girls wrestling team?: The friends I made and the way it challenges me. 

 Do you have any pre tournament rituals?: Yeah, I put some hype music on and get in the zone. I also plan what I might do when I get out on the mat. 

How do you deal with stress/nerves before a match?: I usually block everyone out and sit by myself so I can really think about my strategy. I’m less nervous when I know what I might do when I step on the mat. 

What other activities do you do outside of wrestling?: Pole vault and skateboarding. 

What is your favorite memory so far from the team?: The bus ride home after regionals. 

What do you plan on doing after high school?: I’m not sure. Probably either college somewhere in Indiana or go into the military. 

What weight class do you plan on going this year?: 132

What do you think are good traits in a teammate?: Encouraging, gives constructive criticism, helps me better myself. 

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