Ryan O’Connell is a varsity linebacker for the Penn High School football team. Ryan is a junior, but this is his first year on varsity.

What made you start playing football?

“I grew up watching NFL and hoping one day I could maybe be playing there. Also, my dad was a coach, so that combined made me want to play.”


What is your favorite part about playing football?

“The family bond that football creates is definitely one of my favorite things. The comradery football comes with is also really cool.”


What advice would you give a kid just starting football?

“Stick with it and hit the gym. That’s the only way you’ll get better.”


Do you plan to play football in college?

“No, I’ll probably focus more on schoolwork and studying during college.”


What keeps you motivated to play football?

“The biggest motivator is having the team do well. Also, I’m always motivated to get better after each game.”