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Getting to Know: Malachi Evans

Malachi Evans is one of the cornerbacks for the Penn Football Team. He is one of the rotating starters out of four of the Penn cornerbacks. 

What got you into playing football?

 “To be honest  my  Pops would always play football with me and my brother in the backyard so that sparked my interest trying to always make great catches or trying to lock up my little brother brought some great energy to the sport”

Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

 “My favorite NFL player is Brian Dawkins He inspires me number one for his love in Christianity Brian Dawkins is a great man of the lord  he loved God and praised him while he played the second reason I love him is because of the physicality that he would bring each and every game just knocking receivers/ running backs off their feet”

At what age did you start playing football?

“I started playing football the year I was going to sixth grade at the discovery  so i would say i was about 11/12 years old”

What is your favorite part about practice?

“I  love the energy and competitiveness that is brought in ones sevens or thud it just makes you find a deeper love for the sport and then i also like scout period because of the influence that it  makes in gameplay by just by being able to know how to execute a play depending on what the offense gives”

Why did you decide to keep playing football? 

“I love the sport it provides so much things such as the team aspect of it and how you have to be hardworking and a student of the game to be able to excel. Shoot the end goal is to go D1 and make it to the league (NFL) and be a great player/ role model”

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