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Getting to Know: Dylan Quimby

What´s the most important thing you´ve learned in rugby?: ¨I’ve learned that just like in rugby, you’re gonna get knocked down in life, but you have to just keep moving forward.

What’s to expect of the rugby team this year?: ¨I’m expecting a lot of fire from each player as we’re coming off our state championship and a rough 15’s season with a lot to prove.

What´s the most important thing you´ve learned in wrestling?: I’ve learned that if you want something in life, you have to be willing to go out and work for it.

What´s to expect of the wrestling team this year?: The only thing expected is to come out swinging in every match and do your best.

What advice would you give a freshman about Penn Athletics?: If you’re planning on playing college athletics, from Semester 1 keep your grades high all the way to your senior year.

What´s your favorite sports movie and why?: My favorite sports movie is probably “The Sandlot”, because it’s just a movie about kids planning the sport they love, with the only problem in their world being how to get their next ball.

What do you love about your sports?: My favorite thing is seeing your own progress, and being able to see how far you’ve come through whatever the case is. If you improve one percent every day, it eventually adds up.

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