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Getting to know: Carson Mumaw

Carson Mumaw is a Senior on the Penn High School Football Team. He also competes in Track for the Kingsmen.

How long have you been playing football for?: “I’ve been playing football since seventh grade.”

Which NFL player do you think you resemble the most?: “I think I resemble Adam Thielen, because he’s not the fastest or strongest, but he makes big plays.”

What’s your best/favorite play that you’ve ever made?: “My favorite play I’ve ever made happened this year when our wide receiver-turned-quarterback turned back into a wide receiver and threw me a touchdown on a trick play this year versus LaPorte.”

What has it been like playing through these tough times with Covid-19 going around?: “It’s been difficult, but optimistically at least we get to go out and have fun and play the sport we love and that’s all we can ask for.”

What is your relationship like with your teammates?: “With my teammates, my relationships have been great. Over the past four years, I’ve gotten to bond so much with all of these guys and wouldn’t want to strap up with anyone else.”

What do you do to keep confidence in yourself on the field?: “I keep confident by not getting overly confident in anything I do, and never letting a bad play get to me because good or bad there is always something I could have fixed.”

What do you do to be a leader on your team?: “I try to help our underclassmen and encourage them that next year and years later, if they work hard, they’ll be making the plays on Friday nights like I have the privilege to do now.”

What is the most fun game you’ve ever played?: “The most fun game I’ve ever played in has to be last year’s Mishawaka game, a back-and-forth match-up vs our crosstown rivals in the last game we get to play them at least in the foreseeable future.”

What is your go to pregame song?: “My pregame song has to be ‘Life Goes On’ by Lil Baby.”

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