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Carl Case named new head coach for Penn Boys Rugby

Carl Case named Head Coach for Boys Rugby

Carl Case, Penn Boys Rugby’s New Head coach, has been able to experience the duties of being the head coach through the 7s season

Case became head coach after former head coach Bart Bottorff decided to retire and make his 27th season his last. Bottorff guided Penn to the National Championship Game last season.

Coach Case had been an assistant coach for 13 years with the program and also coaches CrossFit at South Bend CrossFit.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?: “I would say most of the challenges I have faced have come from the administrative side of things. Having coached for 13 years, the coaching side of things hasn’t been much of a struggle. But things like working with Rugby Indiana, building a spring schedule, coordinating events with the parents, and time lining everything out have been the biggest challenges. The best way I can describe it is going from being an employee of a business to now owning that business.

What are your plans or changes to the program?: “One change I would like to see is more structured/themed practices from week to week. For example, something like, Monday for film, Tuesday for attacking focus, Wednesday for defensive focus, Thursday for Backs and Forwards and team runs. I think this will help skill development and give more continuity week to week and allow us to have planned progression. This is how my brain works from a strength coach perspective. The next thing I and the other coaches would like to see is more things fostering a close team. Things like team dinners and other team activities outside of practice. We would also like to see something on the parent side, some like tailgating before games.”

How long have you been a part of the Penn Rugby program?: ” I played for Penn from 2004-2006 and my first season coaching with the program was in 2009.”

What inspired you to be a coach?: “Some of the most influential people in life growing up outside of my parents were my sports coaches. I saw this as a way to give back to a sport/profession that had given so much to me.”

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