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Boys Basketball: Getting to Know Carter Hickey

Carter Hickey is a two-year starter for the Penn High School Boys Basketball Team. Hickey helped lead the Kingsmen to the Final Four last season.

When did you start playing basketball?: I started when I was five and have played every year since.

Have you modeled your game after anyone specific?: No, but my favorite player growing up was Kobe.

Is there a certain team that you have enjoyed playing for most?: I like both summer and school basketball because they both have a positive benefit for me. 

What are your thoughts on playing college basketball?: I considered playing in college but the cons outweighed the pros and I really want to attend the Kelley School of Business.

What is your favorite part of playing on this senior team?: My favorite part of this season is spending time with my teammates, and I have a lot of respect for all of my teammates because they put in hard work.

What is your favorite thing about coach Rhodes?: He is a Hall-of-Fame coach and he has trust in his players and his knowledge of basketball is unmatched.

What has been your favorite game of the season?: The Mishawaka game, because we beat a rival school in front of a big home crowd.

As a senior what advice do you have for younger players?: To have good confidence in yourself and to enjoy it, because it goes by fast.

Favorite college or pro team?: My favorite college team is Duke and my favorite pro team is the Lakers.

Pre-game music?: I like to listen to rap music, people like Polo G and Young Thug. One of my favorite songs is “Lose Yourself”, by Eminem.

Career path?: Something business-related. I will be attending the Kelley School of Business next year, so that is a start. 

Family athletic advantages” My dad played basketball in high school so he got my to like the sport at a young age. Everyone in my family plays a sport, so we all support each other. 

Favorite restaurant? A couple of my favorites are Wings and Chick-Fil-A.

Favorite activities with friends? Getting together with the boys to watch a big game or event.



How can you encourage our student-athletes? By praising their effort, their drive and their heart. By reminding them to never quit. And most importantly, by telling them you love to watch them play. Thank you for always being the #FaceOfSportsmanship! faceofsportsmanship.…

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