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Penn dominates own invitational

Penn nearly perfect in winning Penn Invitational

Nearly perfect but not quite was the Penn High School Hoosier Spell Bowl team on Thursday, October 1, as the Kingsmen won their own invitational championship with a score of 89.out of a possible 90.
A total of 10 schools competed in the 16th annual Penn Invitational, a competition  which Penn has never lost.
If the Kingsmen varsity had a serious competitor in Monday’s meet, it would have been the Penn junior varsity which posted a score of 88.
Here are the final standings for the Penn Invitational:
1.)  Penn                                                 89
2.)  New Prairie                                   46
3.)  Kouts                                               44
4.)  East Noble                                     41
5.)  Plymouth                                       39
6.)  North Wood                                  37
7.)  Garrett                                             21
8.)  Goshen                                            18
8.)  Logansport                                   18 (tie)
10.) Prairie Heights                           17
Perfect varsity spellers for Penn were:  Michelle Tapp, Athreya Sundaram, Muqsit Buchh, Yejee Oh, Presto George, Maggie Finnessy, Hannah Smith, Faihaan Arif and Chris Yun.
Perfect junior varsity spellers for the Kingsmen were:  Amy Bernard, Alice Kwak, Chelsea Chen, Fezaan Kazi, Jaylan Jaga, Tina Lu, Hannah McGinness, Celine Wang and Ahsan Siddiqui.
Next up for the Kingsmen spellers is the Kouts Invitational #1 on October 5.
Submitted by Joe DeKeever


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