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Penn Girls Track Excels Against St. Joseph

The Lady Kingsmen had an excellent win and performance against St. Joseph on Apr. 18 at Penn, with a final score of 95-37.

This victory against St. Joe will add to the Lady Kingsmen’s winning streak.

There were many standout performances from all participating athletes, with three blue ribbons from Sofia Ugwoke, two blue ribbons from Emma Heintzelmann, and a whopping twelve people receiving one blue ribbon. There was a wide variety of outstanding athletes at the meet, including Sophomores, Reese Armour, Ella Bailey, and Aubrey Morgan, who all ended that night with one blue ribbon.

Armour participated in a variety of events, including the 200-Meter Dash, 400-Meter Dash, and the 4×400 Meter Relay, with her best performance in the 4×400. Armour and her teammates took the overall high score in that category, earning five points for the impressive time of 4:24.75, landing them in the 4:13.00 seed. Armour elaborates on how she and her teammates were able to take on the challenge and overcome it quite successfully.

“We have had lots of challenging workouts recently that have set us up for good times this meet. I also believe we were able to do so well because of the support of the team. People are always cheering each other on during their races which makes the meet go so much better,” Armour said.

Morgan participated in 200-Meter Dash, 800 Meter-Run, and the 4×400 Meter Relay as well. Morgan excelled in all categories, especially her 800-Meter Run where she placed third overall with a time of 2:27.34. However nerve-wracking the meet may have been, Morgan was ultimately able to overcome those fears which reflect in her standings.

“A big challenge of mine this meet was keeping my nerves under control. My first event wasn’t until later in the night which was a little stressful having to wait so long for my first race,” Morgan explained.

Bailey, another sophomore runner, continues to dominate out on the track. Bailey participated in the 300 Meter-Hurdles, 4×400 Meter Relay, High Jump, and Long Jump, impressively placing first in High Jump. Bailey landed a spot in the 4-10.00 seed, with a total of five points overall in that category for her team. While Bailey may have executed her skills individually, she states she couldn’t have done as well as she did without the support of her teammates, which has only been growing with every passing meet.

“We started having pre-meet dinners the night before meets and I think it’s brought us closer as a team. We’ve learned that supporting each other in our races benefits everyone all around,” Bailey said.

It is also important to note that the performances from Ugwoke and Heintzelman aided the Lady Kingsmen in taking the win, as both girls landed a spot in the top five for each event they participated in.

The next meet for the Lady Kingsmen will take place on Saturday, Apr. 22 at 9:45 a.m. at home at the Lady Kingsmen Invitational.

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