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Penn Girls Lacrosse Loses to Westfield Shamrocks

On Saturday March 25, the Penn High School girls lacrosse team lost their home conference game against the Westfield Shamrocks, 12-8. 

With their first loss of the season, Junior Carlee Curtis says, “It felt like a reality check because the other team definitely wanted that win more than we did and in the end it led us to that loss. It showed us that we really needed to start working harder and want it more than the other teams.”

Losing their first game of the season is a huge reminder for these girls to do their very best and have a positive mindset that will lead each other to victories in the future.

“The best part of lacrosse for me personally is the development I get from the start of the season to the end. Our first game wasn’t our best but this is where we improve to win future games. Another favorite part of mine is game days because I’m getting hype with my team who are each other’s biggest supporters is such a great feeling. Just getting to play under the lights and hearing your name getting announced and facing off with another team is such a hype and energetic feeling,” Junior Ellie Cano says. 

Fellow Junior Maycie Cummings agrees.

“Even though we didn’t do our best for the first game this year, that taught me that I need to have the right mindset when playing. Having the team supporting and looking for improvises can make a huge impact for the future,” Cummings said.

As the Penn Girls team starts off the season 0-1, they prepare for their next game against Noblesville on Saturday, Apr. 29.

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