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Getting to Know: Sarah Tobin

Sarah Tobin is a member of the Penn Girls Soccer Team.

How long have you been playing soccer?: Since I was four years old.                

What number are you and why do you wear that number?: 9 for club ( Junior Irish) , because it was my dad’s baseball number. 52 for Penn because I liked the number.

If you didn’t play soccer, what other sport would you play?: Basketball.

What is your favorite position to play?: Forward. 

If you could change one thing about soccer, what would it be?: I wouldn’t change anything, I like it all.

Have you ever tried playing goalie?: Yes, when I was 8.

Do you have any superstitions before games?: Three jumps, I kick my right foot back, and I mess with my hair.

What was the most fun game you’ve ever played?: Probably state semi-finals, or the Saint Joe or Marian games.

Do you want to play soccer in college?: Yes.

What is your favorite thing about Penn Soccer?: How close everyone is, and playing the best soccer teams in the state/nation. 

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