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Getting to Know: Mackenzie Holland

Mackenzie Holland is a junior who plays on the Penn Kingsmen Girls Lacrosse Team.
What position do you play and why? : I play midfield. The reason I play middie is because I’ve always loved running, so naturally when I started playing Lacrosse I wanted to run as much as I could. My aunt also thought it was worth a shot to try middie and I haven’t changed my position for eight years.
What’s your favorite Lacrosse memory? : My favorite Lacrosse memory is from freshman year, the very first practice, where I was officially a part of the Penn Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team. Everyone was so welcoming and they never doubted my abilities. In addition, if I needed help with anything then any of the girls would be there to help me out. That just really stood out to me and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that because they didn’t treat me like “the freshman,” but more like I was a family member.
What’s your favorite pump up song? : My go-to pump up song would have to be “My House” by Flo Rida . I’ve always loved the song and used to play it before my youth games, so it’s kind of like tradition to keep listening to it before every game I play.
What do you love most about playing Lacrosse? : I think the thing I love most about Lacrosse is how unique the game is. I had played just about every sport you can think of before I started Lacrosse and there was just something about how different it is from the sports my older sisters do as well as the sports my parents played did that really made me fall in love with it.
Do you plan on playing Lacrosse in college? : Yes, I plan on playing Lacrosse in college.
What’s your favorite place to eat at? : One of my favorite places to eat at has always been Jimmy John’s. If you ask anyone who plays sports with me, they will tell you that same thing. I don’t know why, it’s just always been my go to place.
What’s your favorite movie? : My favorite movie is “The Princess Bride”. It’s an oldie but such a great movie. It’s not everyone’s style because it’s so cheesy and so fake, but it was something I always watched with my grandma so I’ll never get tired of watching it.
How do you think the team will do this year?: I honestly think that the team will do great this year. We have such a talented group of girls and I feel like we have a lot more team chemistry compared  to past years. I think this chemistry will put us on top this year.

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