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Getting to Know: Jill Daniels

Name: Jill Daniels

Grade: Senior 

Sport: Girls Golf

Jill Daniels is a senior on the Penn Girls Golf Team. She has played a big role on the team and is an inspiration to many of her teammates. Jill has had a great year so far and is definitely one to watch heading into this post-season.

How did your golf career start and when?: “I started my golf career at a very young age, around 7 years old. My father introduced me to the game and I am forever grateful for that.”

 What is your favorite golf course to play at?: “My favorite golf course to play at is Eberhart Golf Course. I grew up playing there and it reminds me of my childhood.”

What are some of your pre-match rituals?: “When I am preparing for a match, I make sure that I am mentally prepared and ready for the course. I maintain a positive and happy mindset, and listen to good music on the way.”

What is your favorite mid-match snack?: “My favorite mid-match snack is Twix. I also love fruit roll-ups.”

How do you practice and stay focused throughout the off season?: “During the off-season, I practice in my indoor facility in my basement, and stay focused on the upcoming season.”

What is your lowest round score for 9/18 holes? How did those scores feel?: “For 9 holes, my lowest score is 36 and for 18 it is 75. It felt really amazing to shoot those scores, but they definitely could have been better.”

What are some things you have learned throughout all of your years playing Penn golf?: “I have learned that teamwork and success feels the best when you can celebrate it with your friends, and how those memories can always be cherished.”

What are your interests in golfing after high school?: “I am very much looking forward to play golf in college.”

What is your favorite thing about Penn girls golf?: “My favorite thing about Penn Girls Golf is how much we are more than just a team; we grow, love, and work together like a family. Knowing you will always have someone to pull you up when you fall short and assist you achieve your individual goals is the best feeling.”

What is your favorite club/part of your game?: “My favorite club is my driver. There is no better feeling than to crush a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway, as it brings high momentum and expectations of a great round.”

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