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Getting to Know: Anna De Varona

Anna DeVarona is a Senior at Penn High School. She is a member of the Penn Girls Soccer Team.

What made you want to start playing soccer?: I started playing soccer because my parents put me in it and every once in a while I would try a different sport, but I wasn’t very good at anything other than soccer.

What player do you look up to the most and why?: I look up to my brother the most because of his genuine passion for the sport and his work ethic is astounding.

What position do you play?: Center midfield and center back.

Favorite memory playing soccer?: My favorite memory playing soccer was beating St. Joe in the last 30 seconds of the regional finals last year.

What is your relationship like with your teammates?: The soccer team feels like a family because we spend so much time together whether we like it or not.

How are you a leader on your team?: I try my best to be a leader by making sure all the underclassmen feel comfortable and welcomed. I love getting to know and becoming friends with the younger girls and I try to use my relationship with them to lead the program in a positive direction.

Do you have any pregame rituals?: There are a few game day rituals like our coach switching her laces based on whether the game is home or away and handshakes between teammates.

Do you have any goals for your soccer career?: I think no matter how my senior season ends, I will be content with my time in PGS. Although, I don’t want to continue my career by playing in college.

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