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Getting to Know: Abby Hughes

Abby Hughes is a junior at Penn High School and is a member of the varsity volleyball team.

How long have you been playing volleyball and what has made you stick with it?
“I have been playing volleyball since I was in 2nd grade so 10 years. I have stuck with it because it is something that I love and I have made so many friendships from it.”

What position do you play in volleyball and what is your main job?
“I am a DS which means defensive specialist, my job is to pass the ball and get it to the setter.”

How has the season been so far and what has been your favorite part?
“This season has been one of the best yet for me, I have learned so much from being on varsity. One of my favorite memories from this season is beating Warsaw in 5 sets after we lost the first two sets.”

Who are some of your favorite teammates?
“I am the closest with Cadence McGlothlen, Shannon Rudge, and Macy Hakevich.”

How did you prepare yourself for this season?
“I play in a travel league which helps me gain more knowledge and improve as a player.”

How do you think you will do in sectionals?
“In sectionals I think we are going to do well because we are all learning how to play well as a team and work together on and off the court.”

How are you going to prepare yourself for your senior season next year?
“I am going to be playing club right after our season which will help improve my skills and I will continue to work on my own to get better.”

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