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Getting to Know: Phillip Matous

Phillip Matous was an integral part of Penn’s hockey program last year and figures to play an even more important role as a senior this year.

How do you hype yourself up before a big game?: I hype myself up by doing a series of events before every game, like my pre-game meal, and then taping my stick and getting all of my gear ready to get myself in the zone.

What is your favorite experience playing hockey for Penn?: My favorite experience was when we won the City Championship in 2020.

How do you lead the team as a senior?: As a senior, I just try to make sure that everyone works hard and has fun together as a team.

What is your all time favorite NHL moment?: When the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011.

What do you love about hockey?: I love how fast the game is and how well it flows.

What will you take with you from playing hockey at Penn after high school?: Certainly all the memories and friendships that came with the experience, and a hard-working mentality.

Who is a player or coach that you see as a role model?: Jacob Renbarger was a player I looked up to during my time playing with Penn. He really helped me want to improve myself.

What is your favorite class that you have taken at Penn?: I really enjoy Advanced Jazz. I feel it gives me a challenge and allows me to have fun.

What is the best restaurant to hit after a big win?: Buffalo Wild Wings.

Is there any sport that you wish you would have played at Penn in addition to hockey?: Definitely football.

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