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Getting to Know: Caden Daugherty

Caden Daugherty is a member of the Penn Kingsmen Hockey Team.

What is you favorite part of hockey?: The anticipation that builds up before the game.

What do you think teamwork is?: Teamwork is the most important part of hockey. If you don´t have good teamwork you are likely to lose a lot of games.

What does it mean to win?: To win is to beat the other team in goals and effort.

What position do you play?: Defense.

What is your least favorite part of hockey?: Losing to a team I know we could have beaten.

Do you see yourself playing after high school?: I know I will play after high school, even if it’s a men’s league. I will play.

What makes you want to play hockey?: The thrill connected to the sport is unique to the sport.

If you can’t play hockey anymore what sport would you play?: Lacrosse.

What is a captain to you?: A good leader and a hard worker.

Do you think everyone has a part to play? Yes everyone has to put work on and off the ice.

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