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Senior Spotlight: Paul Martin

Paul Martin is a foreign exchange student from Germany. In his senior year he participated in Football and Track & Field.

“The biggest difference … is that we don’t have school sports in Germany and have to play our sports in Clubs,” Martin said about the difference between the sports scene in Germany and America. “So we don’t have such a great Team spirit and such athletic possibilities like you have here in America.”

Martin plans to continue playing American sports in Germany.

“When I return to Germany, I plan to keep playing football and I will also try to join a baseball team.”

Martin reminisced about this past year.

“My favorite memory as an athlete was getting new PRs at the track meets and hyping up my teammates during their races. My favorite memory as a spectator was being a part of the Friday night football games and experiencing the hype and spirit of this great football team.”

Martin said he appreciated his American experience.

“I would like to thank every Penn athlete and coach who integrated me into these teams and helped me to become a better athlete.”

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