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Getting to Know: Klayton Kuhlman

Klayton Kuhlman is a Junior at Penn High School. He is a member of the Kingsmen Wrestling Team.

How long have you been wrestling?: Since I was 4.

What’s your favorite memory from wrestling?: Going to Disney sophomore year.

Do you plan on wrestling in college?: No.

What lessons have wrestling taught you?: To keep going when things get hard.

If you didn’t wrestle, what sport would you want to play?: Lacrosse.

What’s the hardest thing about wrestling?: Making weight and maintaining it.

What’s the farthest you have traveled for wrestling?: Vegas

What’s the best way to get hype before a meet?: Listening to music.

Have you wrestled for any other clubs or just Penn?: A few clubs here and there but mainly only Penn.

What’s your biggest accomplishment in wresting?: Going to compete in Vegas.

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