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Getting to Know: Kenneth Welsh

Kenneth Welsh is a Sophomore on the Penn Kingsmen Junior Varsity Football Team:

How would you say this season is going so far?: “I would say that it started off pretty good and we are progressing every week.”

What is chemistry like on the field?: “It seems a little bit off due to the injury of our starting quarterback, Brody Cashen. I think that we could definitely connect a little bit more on and off the field.”

What did you do to prepare for the season?: “I lifted weights and did a lot of speed training all while keeping a balanced diet.” 

Are there any matchups you’re excited for?: “I’m excited to play Hammond Morton this week because we’ve never played them and I’m not totally sure what to expect.” 

Do you have any superstitions before a game?: “I really don’t have any specific superstitions that I do before every game.”

Why have you been successful so far this season?: “I really feel like Coach Cates prepared me for this season through weight lifting and also everyday in practice this year.”

How’s your relationship with your coach?: “Coach Cates, my position coach, builds great relationships with his running backs and I feel that our relationship is very strong and positive.”

Who’s your favorite NFL Player?: “Christian McCaffery is my favorite because of how he was able to sustain good grades in high school and get into Stanford while being a highly sought after Running Back in the country.”

What’s your favorite play?: “Duo right and Duo left”

Were there any setbacks that you had to overcome going into the season?: “I had two buldging discs in my back that I had to recover from and heal up before the season started. I couldn’t run for a while which made my improvement in the offseason that much more important.”

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