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Getting to Know: Hunter Steenbeke

Hunter Steenbeke is a member of the Penn Football Team. This is his second year playing for the Kingsmen.

What position do you play and do you like it?
“I play field safety. What I like about it is I get to be able to see the whole field and be able to read the receivers easier with their routes.”

What is your favorite part about being on the team?
“My favorite part about being on the team is being able to play a sport I love and being able to meet new people and helping my team to get better.”

How is it different from your freshman year?
“This year is different because it’s a lot faster pace then my freshman year and there’s more coverage that I needed to learn and we do more position group drills.”

How did you guys do this year as a team?
“This year as a team we played really well but we ended up coming short in the first round of playoffs to Carrol, but besides that we had a really good season and ended 7-3 on the year.”

Were you a starter and if not do you think you will be next year?
“I was not a starter this year. If I wanna start next year I’m gonna have to put more work in during the offseason and get better and bigger.”

How do you think you guys will do next year?
“I think we are gonna do pretty good next year. We are gonna have some difficult and hard games but as long as we play as a team and as good as we know we can we have a good chance to go farther.”

Will you feel more like a leader next year being a returning junior?
“Next year I feel like I will be more of a leader because now that I’m gonna be one of the older groups on the team I’m gonna need to step up more and be a better leader.”

What’s one good memory you made this year on the football team?
“One good memory I have with the team from this year is when we would be blasting music in the locker room singing and dancing.”

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