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Getting to Know: Hudson Kaser

Hudson Kaser is a junior runner for Penn Cross Country and Track. This year he has been the go-to guy for the boy’s cross country team as he leads the Kingsmen Pack.

What is your morning routine before a meet?
“The morning before a meeting I don’t have too much time because I have to wake up so early so I have to pack all of my stuff the night before and when I wake up I grab some toast and go.”

When did you start running competitively and what made you decide to start?
“I started running competitively in fourth grade during running club. When I started running I really hated it because my dad made me do it, but as time went on I started to like it more and more.”

What advice would you give a beginner in running?
“Trust the process. Don’t rush your training, that’s the main way people get injured.”

Do you wish to run in college?
“Yes, but mainly for track.”

What motivates you to run?
“Nothing exactly motivates me to run. I run for the adrenaline rush at the beginning of the race, the people yelling at me to run faster, the feeling of accomplishment after getting a new personal record, etc. It’s mentally and physically challenging.”

How are you improving yourself to get faster?
“The only way to improve yourself to get faster is by sticking to your training plan and slowly speeding up during workouts. Along with a couple of extra workouts that aren’t running on the side, such as lifting, swimming, etc.”

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