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Getting to Know: Dylan Mounts

Name: Dylan Mounts

Instagram: dylan.mounts

Sport: Golf

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned through Athletics?: The most important lesson that I have learned from playing golf is to always focus on every shot, and stay focused for the entire round.

What are your pre-game rituals?: Before I start my round I head to the range and warm up, then go to the putting green and work there until I tee off. 

Who is a player (at any level) you look up to, and why?: One player that I look up to is Collin Morikawa, because he is young and was always underrated, but now, is proving to people that he is one of the best golfers in the world. 

What do you love about representing Penn High School?: My favorite thing about playing for Penn is being able to play as a team, and play for more than just myself. Since golf is normally an individual sport, it is nice to be able to work with others to achieve the things that we work for. 

What traits do you love in a team leader?: One trait that I love in a leader is being able to bring the team together, whether we played good, or bad, and find the good in the situation that will help us get better. 

What advice would you give a freshman about Penn Athletics?: The best piece of advice that I would give a freshman is to always work hard, and never give up on a round. If you can focus on every shot of your round, the scores will quickly improve. 

What is your favorite sports movie, and why?: My favorite sports movie is “Remember the Titans” because it shows how forming a good relationship with your teammates can improve the way you play. 

What is your favorite pig-out food?My favorite pig-out food is white rice with salmon. 

What do you love about your sport?: The number one thing that I love about golf is that you can go out to the course for four hours and just relax and have some fun. 

If you can have lunch with any living person, who would it be, and what would you talk about?: If I could have lunch with anyone in the world, it would be Tiger Woods because he has done so many great things in, and for golf, and I would love to talk to him about all that he has done, and ask him for some pieces of advice.

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