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Getting to Know: Dylan Bennett

Name: Dylan Bennett

Sport: Wrestling

Instagram: dylan_bennett2

Hashtag: #YOLO

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned through Athletics?:  Penn has taught me to keep a positive mindset no matter what the. situation.

What are your pre-game rituals?: Stretch, drink water and listen to music.

Who is an athlete you look up to, and why?: David Taylor, because he won a gold medal and has a good mindset about everything.

What do you love about representing Penn High School?: The atmosphere and the way everyone cheers each other on.  

What traits do you love in a team leader?: Responsibility and leadership.

What advice would you give a freshman about Penn Athletics?: Listen to the coaches and trust the process.

What is your favorite sports movie, and why?:Blind Side”, because it shows that you have to work hard.

What is your favorite pig-out food?: Chipotle, because I get discounts anytime I go.

What do you love about your sport?: Pushes me to my limits and teaches me how to be a better person everyday.

If you can have lunch with any living person, who would it be, and what would you talk about?: David Taylor and what it took to win a gold medal and how he doesn’t lose the love for the sport. 

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