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Getting to Know: Charlie Furry

Charlie Furry is a Senior Soccer player for the Penn Kingsmen.

Are you enjoying your senior season?: I am enjoying my senior season. It has been weird with Covid, but I’m glad we’re allowed to play.

Has COVID-19 affected you or your teammates mindset?: Covid hasn’t had much of an impact on our mindset. We’re still ready and motivated to win state.

How much has COVID-19 changed Penn soccer?: Covid only affected the beginning of our season, because we had to social distance during practice. However, now it is pretty normal and we’re back to the usual.

What would you say is the biggest impact from COVID-19 for the team and yourself?: I would say wearing mask when your on the bench. When you’re sweaty and out of breath a mask can make it hard to recover.

How have you enjoyed your senior season?: My senior season has been fun.

Are you looking to player soccer on the next level?: I am looking to play in college but only for a scholarship. I would rather go to a big school and get a degree from a more prominent school.

What position do you play/ have played in your soccer career?: I play center back which is the central defender and the leader of the team usually.

What is your and Penn soccer’s goal of the 2020 soccer season?: We want to win state.

Who are soccer players you look up to?: I look up to professionals, but I also look up to Penn alumni that I played with my earlier years at Penn.

Will the Penn Soccer team defeat St Joe (yes is the only correct answer)?: We will beat St. Joe, because we have beat the teams they have lost to and we beat a team 2-0 when they lost 2-0.

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