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Boys Basketball Josh Gatete

Josh Gatete is a member of the Penn Boys Basketball Team.

How long have you been playing basketball?: I have been playing basketball since I was in fourth grade. 

How do you prepare for a game?: I prepare for a game by getting shots up before the game and resting.

Do you have songs you listen to before games to hype you up?: Dreams and Nightmares – Meek Mill.

Who’s your favorite basketball player?: My favorite basketball player is Lebron James.

What number are you? And why?: I am number 21, that was the number that I randomly chose, but usually I am number 20 because that’s the first number I ever got.

What advice has a coach given you, that you’ll always remember?: Always keep shooting.

How do you stay motivated after losing a game?: I always think that we can bounce back and win the next one.

Do you ever get nervous when you’re playing in front of a big crowd?: Sometimes, but I try to block it out and just focus on the game.

Have you ever been injured from basketball?: Yes, I fractured my wrist playing basketball in 7th grade.

What’s the most point you’ve ever scored in a game?: I scored 30 points in a travel basketball game in 6th grade. 

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