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Baseball Loses in Doubleheader Against Carmel

The Penn Baseball team played a doubleheader against Carmel on Saturday, Apr. 8. They went 0-2 with the score being close each game. 

The score of game one was 0-1 with Carmel getting a run in the bottom of the 6th inning. The Kingsmen struggled to hit the ball with only 2 hits. Cooper Hums hit a single, while Evan Tuesley hit a double. They were unable to rally and bring in the runs. The team had 7 strikeouts and 21 at-bats. Ian Hernandez pitched the whole game allowing 1 run and 6 hits. Hernandez struck out 7 and walked 1.

Austin Eysol is a junior on the team, “We played good defense and Hernandez pitched a good game, we just lost because of the lack of hits and runners on base.”

The second game’s score was 2-3 with the Kingsmen only losing by 1 run. Dawson French pitched this game allowing 2 runs and 3 hits. He struck out 3 and walked 1. He threw 84 and 52 of those were strikes. Chris Pelliter came in as a reliever and allowed 1 run and 1 hit in the last inning. The bats got moving this game but runners were still left on base. RJ Cromartie had a 2 RBI double in the first inning but the Kignsmen struggled the rest of the game. Hums had 2 hits and scored once. Zack Pelletier got hit by the pitch twice and scored 1 run. 

“We just struggled to put runs together, our pitching was not bad but we definitely have some room for improvement as a team,” Pelliter said.

The Kingsmen look to play better throughout the season to make a another great state run. 


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