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Penn Poms Showcase

2021-2022 Competition Poms Team

The Penn Poms teams will be featured in the first Poms Showcase.

The event is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

The Showcase will allow the public the opportunity to see progress the Penn Poms Teams have made so far before the season starts! The event also allows the teams to feel comfortable performing in front of a crowd before performances at half-time for our Kingsmen Basketball and before the competition team performs in front of judges at competitions throughout the winter.

  • When: December 1st at 7:15 pm (entry starts at 7 p.m.)
  • Where: Penn High School Main Arena
  • Who: All welcome. STUDENTS!!! Pack it in!
  • Free entry, donations are appreciated! Masks required.

JV line-up

  • Pom Routine
  • Hip-Hop Routine

Varsity line-up

  • Pom Routine
  • Hip-Hop Routine

Competition line-up

  • Pom Routine
  • Hip-Hop Routine
  • 4 Solos performed by Bella Bauer, Charlotte Jones, Gretchen Moore, and Lilly Weiss
  • Duet performed by Bella Bauer and Lilly Weiss

Come help support the Poms program and wish the competition team luck before their first competition at Kahler Middle School in Dyer, Ind., on Saturday, Dec. 18!

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