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Girls Lacrosse Wins First Game of the Season

On March 10 the Penn Girls Lacrosse team faced off against Evansville in the first tournament of the season.

The Lady Kingsmen’s first game took place at Evansville-Goebel Soccer Complex against Castle High School. The Lady Kingsmen had no challenge as they beat Castle 12-5 for the team’s first win of the season.

“Our team was an electric, we really put in that hard work we have doing for months in this tournament this weekend. Starting off the season just brings great vibes. It kind of foreshadows how we are going to be the rest of the season,” says Taylor Little.

The Lady Kingsmen were on a grind with Little scoring 3 goals, Lana Skibins and Lyla Sharpe scoring 2 goals, Sammi Houttiker and Abby Atkins scoring 2 goals as well, and Mia Aboukhaled 1 goal. The assists were through the roof with 5 assists and their goalie Zoe Montgomery with 9 saves.

“We killed it this weekend, we went 2-1 and our first game really gave us the initiative that we truly are a great team,” said Carlee Curtis.

“I’m happy we took this win, we really deserved it. Our team is always overlooked and Castle came into that game thinking they were going to crush us. We surely proved them wrong,” said Sammi Houttiker.

The Lady Kingsmen are just getting started for the season and are heading to their next game against Chesterton on March 15.


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