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Getting to Know: Olivia Tucker

Olivia Tucker is a Senior on the Penn Girls Lacrosse Team.
What is the best part about competing?: The best part about competing is being able to unlock new challenges I never realized I could conquer. It shoots my serotonin levels up knowing I am about to play my hardest for something I love to do. 
How do your teammates at Penn High School make this experience feel for you?: We are all super different and teach each other new ways of thinking and doing certain things about the game. It is great to have other perspectives. 
What is one of the most important lessons you have learned through athletics?: It is important to remember that although a coach could impact how you see the sport in a good or bad way, keep in mind that you started playing for a reason and you should not give up based on what other people say or think.
What do you love about representing Penn High School?: We are a very well known school who does great things and I love representing a school that has an amazing reputation. 
How does being an athlete make you a better person?: It has taught me more lessons than anything ever has and has made me think with an open mind and work better together with others. 
What advice would you give to freshmen about Penn Athletics?: Fear is a made up scenario we predict for ourselves, do not be scared. 
What mental tool do you use under pressure?: Under pressure, I analyze what is pressuring me and begin to sing about it in my head. Singing will distract me but I am still thinking about what I am doing and how I need to be better in the situation in a game. 
What’s your favorite food to eat the night before game day?: My favorite food before a game would be  pasta, asparagus, and chocolate milk. 
What do you love about your sport?: Being able to engage with so many different people, constantly learning new things, and experimenting with different things that will help us do better on the field. 
What emotions do you feel after playing a successful game?: I feel as if I played my hardest and we got what we deserved. I get filled with excitement and love for my team for putting their all in and making history.

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